Big Ideas for Small Business


The team at Telligence are a multi-skilled bunch, ready to deliver everything and anything you would ever need to get your business online, found, interacting, engaging and most importantly functioning to its fullest potential. We have been helping business leaders and owners find new business in the big Internet world for quite some time, so we do know what we’re talking about, and we are more than happy to share with you some of our big ideas for your business.

If your business is a small business, it doesn’t mean it is any less significant to us than bigger businesses. As you’re aware, your small business is the back bone of our economy and YOUR business is very important to us at Telligence and has been for fifteen years.

Here are a few key points for you to think about in regards to your business and how it is performing online:

Your Website.
The quality of your website design impacts directly on how your visitors perceive your business. Our in-house design team will deliver a web presence or website design that will impress your customers with stunning design backed by ease of use.

Behind this beautifully designed website needs to be a smart, reliable and powerful Content Management System (CMS), allowing you to edit your website online at anytime and from anywhere on the planet. Our hand built PowerSites CMS is easy to use, reliable, secure, fully supported and updated by us, making a PowerSites CMS the last website system your small business will ever need.

The Design Process
We all know that form follows function, but don’t sell yourself short – great design speaks volumes about you, your brand and your business. Stunning, innovative and professional graphic design will enhance your brand identity and achieve your marketing and promotional goals and Telligence provides this service in spades. Whether it be cutting edge website design, business stationary (cards, letterheads etc) refreshing your logo, producing a yearly review, catalogues, posters, billboards or stickers, the Telligence design team will be pencils at the ready and eager to help.  Who said design wasn’t important!!

Find your Market
Inbound, outbound, traditional or digital – The Telligence marketing team will find your market segment, target that market segment and position your brand so you can be fully exposed and reap the rewards.
With the arrival of the digital and social age – the marketing goal posts have moved, but the core thinking and strategies still remain the same. The Telligence marketing team with create you a cohesive marketing strategy tying website content, social media networks coupled with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search engine Marketing (SEM) to position your brand, product or service before your competitors.
With our help and creative strategies Telligence can generate you new leads, find you new customers and position your brand and business resulting in increased traffic to your website and a great public profile.

Be a good Host
You wouldn’t leave your car unlocked, or the front door of you house wide open for anyone to access and do with what they will would you? You should take these same principals onboard when you’re considering hosting for your website, email and data. This information is important – crucial to your business and it needs to be safe and secure.

So now for some super nerdy stuff - Telligence's website hosting division, Austiger Hosting, is one of Australia's most respected niche hosting providers specialising in Rich Internet Applications, ColdFusion Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Oracle applications.

Telligence do not use reseller hosting, we manage, operate and fully support our own enterprise level hosting equipment.  For you this means that there's no doubt about who to call for support for your web hosting, your email or your Telligence built website, we provide your full service in house!

Come and say Hello
We provide all our services in-house – nothing is out sourced and we don’t used third party developers or applications. When you speak to us, you will be speaking to the team of designers, marketers, developers and hosting professionals who will be helping you reach your business goals. That is our point of difference. Guaranteed.